As the leading research & professional establishment in this part of Europe, we strive towards encouraging research & development work, as the results of such work enable us to create an efficient network of knowledge, which in turn increases our market competitiveness and productivity of our services, with a constant increase in added-value and quality.
The excellence of scientific and research work is reflected in innovativeness, originality and efficiency; through increase in the number and quality of patents, publishing of excellent quality research papers, easy adjustment and good capacity to transfer knowledge, and cooperation with national and international experts, institutes, higher-education and research establishments, and construction companies.The list of international organizations/associations IGH is affiliated with is available on the left-side menu.

Institut IGH Research Council members have been involved in several activities that can be grouped as follows:

  • participation in international research projects,
  • participation in research projects funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, Republic of Croatia.
International research projects
Ongoing projects
  • SPIN - “Spearhead network for innovative, clean and safe cement & concrete technologies” (2010-2013)
  • RUCONBAR Rubberised concrete noise barriers
  • TRIMM -   Tomorrow’s Road Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

Effective, fair and sustainable road management requires objective and up to date information. Advances in a range of sensing technologies and information processing have built up the potential for implementing new monitoring techniques that deliver key information for road management. Many current monitoring techniques suffer from low cost-effectiveness, restricted spatial coverage, traffic disruption, poor reliability, poor understanding of their capability, subjective interpretation, poor assessment of defects affecting functionality, and restricted versatility. For this reason many road and bridge owners/operators make limited use of current monitoring systems and avoid some of the recent developments. The practice of using monitoring techniques also differs between countries. As a result management decisions are sometimes not optimal, causing higher costs, lower performance, inconvenience (traffic delays) and additional costs and external effects to society.

  • SMARTRAIL - Sustainable Maintenance and Analysis of Rail Transport Infrastructure

The SMARTRail vision is to provide a framework for infrastructure operators to ensure the safe, reliable and efficient operation of ageing European railway networks. This will be achieved through a holistic approach which will consider input from state of the art inspection, assessment and remediation techniques and use this data to consider “what if” scenarios using whole life cycle cost models. These models will allow the infrastructure operators to make rational decisions on the best use of limited funding which will be committed to the long-term maintenance of the rail infrastructure networks. The outputs from the project will result in enhanced safety, reliability and capacity of these rail infrastructure networks and address European policy in the areas of transport safety and security, inter-modality, opening up a European network for freight transport and routes to rapidly developing Eastern European and Asian markets.

Finished projects
  • E! 4166 EUREKABUILD FIRECON (2009-2011)
  • ASCAM - Asset Service Condition Assessment Methodology  (2010-2012)

Research projects funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, Republic of Croatia ended 2012.

  • Limit states and sustainability of bridges
    • Project Leader: Professor Jure Radić, Ph.D. CE
  • New materials in civil engineering
    • Project Leader: Professor Dubravka Bjegović, Ph.D. CE
  • Development of new materials and protection systems for concrete structures 
    • Project Leader: Professor Dubravka Bjegović, Ph.D. CE
  • Assessing mechanical properties of bentonite liners for impervious barriers
    • Project Leader: Professor Ivan Vrkljan, Ph.D. ME
  • Increasing traffic safety on motorways exposed to strong wind
    • Project Leader: Petar Sesar, Ph.D. CE


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