INSTITUT IGH, d.d. conducts professional and research & development activities in the field of civil engineering. Its main activities include: design work, studies, technical supervision, consulting services, investigations, usability checking, laboratory testing and calibration.

IGH is certified for the performance of these activities in accordance with appropriate sustainable development standards, namely: EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


o Urban and regional development plans
o Detailed urban development plans
o Development plans for areas of special character
o Transport system analysis and planning
o Sustainable development projects


o Feasibility studies
o Technical documents for location permit
o Traffic studies
o Environmental impact studies
o Environmental protection documents and reports, and environmental monitoring
o Waste management studies and programs
o Mathematical and physical modelling of water engineering facilities
o Water-supply, drainage and irrigation studies
o Noise protection reports


o Design of concrete, steel and masonry structures for buildings and road engineering
structures (bridges, tunnels)
o Design of transport, geotechnical and water engineering facilities
o Structural design of pavement structures, traffic signs & markings, and road equipment
o Design of multipurpose water management facilities
o Design of water supply and drainage systems
o Structural renovation & remodelling design
o Building physics analyses and reporting
o Technical solutions for efficient use of energy in buildings
o Design of sanitary landfills for the disposal of municipal and other waste
o Landscaping design
o Construction design validation
o Construction design review/audit


o Technical supervision during construction of concrete, steel & masonry structures
of buildings and engineering structures
o Technical supervision during construction of road & rail infrastructure projects,
geotechnical structures, and water management facilities


o Project preparation consultancy
o Elaboration of studies, business plans and analyses
o Preparation of project applications
o Project implementation consultancy
o Financial management
o Public procurement
o Contract management
o Management of construction projects


o Conduct of investigations for determining the impact of waste disposal sites
on environment, soil and ground water in particular
o Environmental impact studies and environmental protection reports
in the scope of assessment of environmental effects of development projects
o Environmental protection management programs for big cities
with the corresponding Action Plans
o Environmental protection management plans for infrastructure projects
o Assessment of environmental acceptability of projects
o Uniform environmental protection requirements for power plants
o Verification – review of projects with regard to environmental protection requirements
o Elaboration of technical documents for the delivery of environmental permits
o Waste management plans and reports
o Reports on implementation of Waste Management Plans for local self-government units
o Feasibility studies with cost-benefit analyses
o Elaboration of bidding documents according to the type of procurement
specified in the Public Procurement Act and in the corresponding subordinate acts
o Elaboration of design documents (preliminary design, detailed design, and working design
documents) for the procurement of location permits and building permits for waste disposal
sites and Waste Management Centres
o Elaboration of reports and technology design documents for mechanical-biological treatment
of mixed communal waste
o Provision of technical supervision services during realisation of all kinds of waste management
works and activities
o Technical assistance, advisory, and project management services at various project
realisation stages (during preparation and implementation of public tenders, selection of
contractors, design and realisation of works, and during service life of projects)


o Scientific research and technology-development projects
o Study of new materials, building procedures and implementation technologies
o Experimental research
o Civil engineering prototype development & evaluation


o Consulting services during design and realization of construction projects
o Consulting services in the field of ecology, environmental protection and construction of
environmental protection facilities
o Technical consulting for Clients
o Technical evaluation of projects
o Project management
o Contract management and monitoring
o Bidding documents and analysis of bids
o Study review


o Determining properties of building materials
o Structural, geotechnical, water engineering and engineering-geological investigations
o Preliminary investigations for design work
o Investigations aimed at determining state of repair of a building or structure
o Checking usability of the entire building or a part of a building


o Checking conformity of construction products in the field regulated by the law and delivery of: product conformity certificates, factory production control certificates, and initial type testing reports
o Certification of products and certification of factory production control for all products in the voluntary field
o Delivery of National Technical Approvals in the voluntary field


o Laboratory testing of materials and building products
o Control testing of materials and works during realization of construction projects
o Field testing & measurement
o Testing permeability of water supply and sewerage systems
o Testing noise and sound insulation levels
o Airtightness testing and thermographic testing for buildings
o Calibration of force-measuring instruments


o Participation in the preparation of new building regulations
o Participation in technical committees for development of construction standards
o Professional advancement & training
o Publishing



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